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File EdgeAs a time-served Virtual PA, Desiree is accustomed to working in a range of environments and across a number of sectors.  In many instances, while business owners and teams are aware of needing additional support, they can find it difficult to identify which elements of their dealings could be effectively delegated to virtual support.

With some 5 years of experience in out-sourcing that works, Desiree is able to meet with small businesses and guide them through the process of identifying what can be confidently and effectively delegated and how to manage this process as a springboard for moving the business forward.

In many instances a business will simply need to offload extra tasks during a particularly busy period.  In others, it's more a case of establishing on-going, ad hoc support which can be switched on when needed, and switched off when it's not.

Desiree publishes a blog which covers some of the FAQs around using virtual support, including effective delegation and confidentiality.

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