Desiree Ashton Virtual PA
Competent and reliable support for your business



Desiree has a strong track record of delivering excellent service to her clients.

She operates in a broad range of contexts across a number of different sectors, including consultancy, marketing, customer services and training and becomes a valued member of project teams.

Working alongside directors, consultants and business owners, she is accustomed to meeting challenging deadlines and delivering an excellent standard of work.  

Her skills and experience allow her to bring a high level of organisation to projects. Collaborating with both individuals and teams, she is a trusted and effective contributor who quickly understands how and where her input can be of most value.

Desiree Ashton
"I have found Desiree to be an exceptional asset, both due to her outstanding professional attributes, married up with rare personal qualities..."

"Her most pleasing personality, loyalty, discretion, charm and calm
have proven invaluable assets..."

"The content and presentation of her work are impeccable,
even when required in short timescales and under pressure.."

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