Targeted admin support
Targeted admin support for busy people



Natural fluctuations in your workload can mean that recruiting permanent support staff is not a realistic long-term solution to your particular situation.

By drawing on the flexible services of a Virtual PA, you can out-source as many or as few administrative tasks as you wish, as and when your diary dictates.

Operating in the same manner as an executive PA, a Virtual PA takes a supporting role in your business and works with you to promote the smooth running of your operations.

Services offered can be tailored to meet your changing needs.  Invariably, they may include some or all of the following:
  • Company newsletters - drafting, editing, distributing, tracking readership
  • Database management - cleansing, segmenting, updating, managing
  • Social media & website - coaching, content mangagement, online presence
  • Team communications - diaries, information, logistics, document flow
  • Document preparation - editing, formatting, printing
  • PowerPoint presentations - drafting, branding, animation
  • Client communications - calls, scheduling, representation at meetings
  • Event management - venue booking, materials, co-hosting

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