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The appropriate board member can make an enormous difference in the success of your company. The board of directors is the face of your company and the decisions of directors can affect the way you conduct business. If a member of your board becomes difficult to reach, doesn’t attend meetings, or exhibits an egregious discord with your core values or the rest of the board, it may be time to replace them.

A great board member will share your organization’s mission. Passion for the issues your organization is addressing will keep them committed to serving long after the initial excitement of becoming an active board member has waned. They should also possess some level of business or organizational competence and a basic understanding of the principles of good business practice.

You should look for people with diverse ages, ethnicities, skills and backgrounds to fill your board. This will fill your board with diversity and enable you to present diverse read this article perspectives to your leaders. The board members must be willing to question assumptions and play the devil’s attorney, even if their opinions are based on their own experience.

Ask prospective board members to say how much time they are willing to dedicate to the board’s work as well as the work of its committees. Many people who are interested in joining a committee underestimate the commitment required to take on the duties. When vetting them, be sure to uncover other commitments which may interfere their ability to serve on your board.