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Online board meetings can be a great way to connect colleagues without the need to travel. It lets you hold more meetings at times that are suitable for the majority of attendees, thus increasing productivity and engagement. Any changes made to the documentation during these meetings are automatically synchronized when internet access is restored. This means that even if your colleague is offline, they will be able to access and read up on all the details that was discussed during your last meeting.

When you hold a meeting online the board members will utilize the video conferencing tools in their software for managing boards to see each other and communicate face-to-face. This keeps them interested and allows them to evaluate non-verbal communication. They can also mute their microphones when not speaking, so as to keep from interrupting each other and to observe the rules of online meeting.

Before your online board meeting it is a good idea to do an overview of the technology with the people who will be attending to make sure everything runs smoothly. This includes ensuring that your board member’s computer has a reliable connection and the quality of their camera is satisfactory. In addition, you must be sure that they will have enough bandwidth to run the meeting and that they do not have any distractions (like the sound of ringtones or an annoying background).

Another aspect of virtual meetings is that attendees are required to dress appropriately. It is essential to keep professional appearance, especially as it will be seen by the people who join in from different locations around the globe. It’s also best to avoid sitting in front of a window, as the glare may hinder the view of the screen, and also be visible on the camera.