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A board meeting online is a great way for your non-profit organization to conduct productive meetings without the physical constraints of a traditional gathering. Utilizing an online meeting tool can help you save time and money by eliminating travel expenses, and the need for manual processes like recording attendance and writing minutes. It will also help you increase the number of board members by including those who aren’t able to be present in person.

Starting an online board meeting is relatively simple, although you will need to provide each member with the appropriate link prior to the meeting. You may want to provide an invitation to a test meeting to your board members prior to the first one to make sure that their equipment is working correctly.

A clear agenda is crucial to a successful virtual board meeting. Make sure to include an “any other business” item in case there are any issues that aren’t discussed in the rest of your meeting. This will help keep your agenda on track and improve productivity.

Be sure that all of your discussion items are scheduled according to an appropriate amount of time and the intended conclusion for each. This will give your board members a sense of structure and will help make the meeting go by quickly.

If you provide all your attendees with copies of the agenda and other pertinent documents in advance will enable attendees to be prepared to share their ideas. Video conferencing is also an excellent tool when conducting board meetings. It will boost engagement and allow participants the opportunity to look at each other’s body and speech.