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If you’re using a management board software program, ensure that it has secure document storage. You should ensure that everyone in your company have secure access to the documents they i loved this work with from financial reports to the governing documents. You should also consider using a portal application which allows members to collaborate and discuss documents prior to meetings, or during the meeting.

It is crucial to clearly communicate in advance of a meeting to remind board members about the meeting, as well as any necessary documents. Provide the agenda and any other relevant materials at least a week ahead of time so everyone can review and come into the meeting prepared. It’s also a good idea to inquire for any additional feedback from your board in advance of the meeting. This will give you the opportunity to address concerns before they arise at the meeting.

Virtual boards are made up of a variety of people with competing schedules and commitments. If possible, plan virtual meetings at times that the majority of members are present. Avoid early mornings, late night, and breaks that are common. If this isn’t an option then use a software to find an appropriate time that is suitable for everyone.

It’s crucial to establish ground rules around virtual meeting etiquette, such as muting one’s microphone when not speaking, and holding meetings in a quiet space without distractions (including messy desks!). It’s helpful to have a person take minutes for each virtual meeting. This person can keep the discussion on track and take notes of every motion, decision and votes in full.