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There is no doubt that coordinating a board meeting can be a lengthy and stressful task. Your meetings can be a waste of time and productivity if they lack focus, organization or enthusiasm. There are simple things you can implement to ensure your directors are involved and participate in a successful board meeting.

At least once a year, Evaluate Your Meetings

One of the best methods to improve your meetings is to gather feedback. After a few meetings, ask your board members to take two sticky notes and put “+” on the parts that were successful and “-” on the areas that could be improved. Then, they should stick the notes on a poster which they can display near the door for everyone to determine what needs to be changed.

Control Your Time

Keep your meetings as short as you can so that you have enough time for genuine discussions and decision-making. Avoid including lengthy reports or “have to” items on your agenda. Think about breaking down the information from your book for board members into smaller discussion topics. You can also have your directors conduct their own research prior to the meeting and bring questions to be discussed.

Board meetings are also a great opportunity to boost the team’s enthusiasm and spur the group to take action. Incorporate “mission moments” to the meeting, so that your board members can hear stories and testimonials about the impact that your organization has on the lives of people. This can be a powerful energy booster for the team.