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The pandemic of influenza has put more and more businesses into an unsteady state which has led to more board meetings being conducted online than ever before. It’s likely that remote meetings will be a constant change in the way boards of directors are expected to function, so it’s important to do your best to organize engaging and effective meetings. This article will provide some easy practices that you can employ to improve the quality of your meetings via virtual.

Establish clear goals for each agenda item. This will help you avoid unnecessary discussions and will ensure that all participants feel appreciated. It is essential to determine if a discussion topic is intended to provide information, stimulate discussion, or to arrive at an agreement so that your team does not continue to debate the same issue after the topic has been dealt with.

Encourage board members to test their Wi-Fi connections as well as audio/video equipment before the meeting starts so that the meeting can begin with a smooth start. It’s also recommended to get participants to mute themselves when they’re not talking to cut down on background noise and to avoid distractions.

Make it easy for board members to view minutes of meetings after each meeting by posting them on your portal and sending a link through email. This will keep everyone on schedule between meetings and increase accountability. A dedicated board management software such as Boardable can help you organize and keep all your board documents in one place.