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Whether it’s to save time and costs on travel, give more flexibility to board members, or enhance communication, virtual meetings are becoming more common. The benefits are clear, but they don’t come without risks. Virtual meetings can be just as effective as in-person ones when they’re well-planned. However, there are a few aspects to be considered when planning and hosting these click now events.

Make sure everyone is equipped with the proper equipment and software. It isn’t easy to keep everyone engaged when there are technical issues which prevent people from communicating with one another and interacting with presentations, or using their camera. To avoid this, it’s a great idea to give everyone detailed instructions on how they can check their cameras and microphones prior to the meeting begins.

Create an agenda prior to the meeting to keep the discussion on track. Boards can get bogged down in a flurry of conversation if there isn’t a set agenda to guide the meeting. Make sure that every topic is covered within the time limit to keep your attendees from feeling as if nothing was accomplished or that their time was squandered.

It is difficult to replicate the camaraderie that occurs during board meetings in person. There are ways to enhance your virtual experience by incorporating enjoyable and engaging activities such as break-out sessions or a quiz. Also, you can use regular feedback loops to gather information about how each participant and director is participating in the meeting, what they feel is working and what they would like to improve next time.