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A board meeting agenda provides a roadmap for productive discussion and efficient decision-making. The best method for preparing an effective agenda for a board meeting is to follow a template and structure that has the most important sections listed at the top of the list. The most commonly used agendas for board meetings contain the call to order and approval of the minutes from the previous meeting committee reports, new business and old business.

Make sure that the agenda for your board includes the supporting materials for each item on the agenda. This ensures that all participants can comprehend what is being discussed, and gives them the opportunity to review the information beforehand. Be sure that you set time limits for each agenda items, so that meetings don’t run out of time and that important discussion topics are not rushed or ignored.

Designate a responsible person to prepare an agenda for a board meeting and distribute it to the rest of the board members prior to the scheduled meeting. This gives them time to review the documents needed for the board meeting and then prepare their answers.

The meeting will begin by calling the meeting to the order. This allows the board chair to address the attendees and give an update on the preparations. The next step is to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Then, review any changes to the agenda made by board members following the announcement of the meeting. Then, there is a section dedicated to strategic planning. If needed it is necessary, a closed executive meeting is scheduled. The meeting is adjourned.