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A board portal that’s well-chosen will provide a range of benefits for organizations looking to improve their meeting workflows, collaborate in a safe manner, and improve governance. It is important to assess each feature thoroughly and not be over-engineered by adding unnecessary features that could increase the cost of the solution. It is also essential that your board portal vendor has a good reputation and provide responsive customer service when problems arise. Inquiring about feedback from potential vendors and references from customers who have successfully used their software in the past may prove useful.

Meeting Process Streamlined

Modern portals enable board members to access agendas, documents and meeting notices as well as digital board packs via their tablets and smartphones. In addition to allowing online note-taking they also allow direct messaging between directors regarding specific topics and all communications are logged in the portal. Minutes of meetings are automatically generated from these discussions, and it’s easy to add an electronic signature to any of your board’s documents.

Board members can also note notes on documents prior to the meeting to prepare and participate in the discussion. Meetings can also be held in an hybrid format, either in person or online. It is crucial to be able create boardbooks from these meetings, and also to be able to automatically update previous copies when line items change. Finally, the option to conduct a post-meeting review helps leaders determine the best course of action for the next steps and document any agreed upon decisions.