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With the help of new mobile hardware and rapidly improving cloud technology board management software replaces paper and emails as the primary way for administrators and directors to access meeting materials and perform their governance duties. The most effective solutions are those that satisfy the needs of both groups. They include tools that save time for administrative staff as well as tools to help directors and administrators to review and digest information prior to, during, and after meetings.

The first step is for board members to decide on their “must-haves'” in the final solution. Identifying the most important features, such as note taking on board papers or secure document storage will help narrow the list of possibilities. This will streamline the process of evaluation. With the proper tools, directors are able to concentrate on delivering the greatest value to the business.

Then, the administrative aspect of the equation has to be analyzed. It is essential to select an agency that has been providing board portals that meet the needs of many different organizations. Choose a provider that have a track record of success as well as an in-depth knowledge of the business.

Meeting preparation is made simpler for administrators by using simple tools that let them prepare agendas and documents make surveys and votes and create minutes. Meetings are more efficient when agenda items are connected to relevant documents, and one click transforms these documents into draft minutes that can be viewed on any device. Enhanced security capabilities, including real-time notifications and the ability to share annotations with selected individuals or completely hide them to ensure that the information is always accurate and up to date.