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Despite the global slowdown in economic growth and high interest rates, which put pressure on dealmaking throughout 2022 Many companies see M&A as a key route to increase their growth. Our most recent North American CFO Signals study revealed that a significant portion of respondents believed between 1 and 10 percent of their company’s revenue growth could be attributed to M&A deals.

The recent improvement in the rate of inflation and interest rates is a sign that the worst is over. This, in conjunction with renewed optimism in the US economy and the easing of worries about a recession could hopefully inspire more companies to look at strategic deals this year.

As a result, we anticipate that the coming year will be a busy year for M&A in a variety of sectors. The industrial sector will continue to be a major target, particularly for acquisitions aimed at cutting-edge technologies like EVs or cloud solutions. We also expect that the energy transition to accelerate and that companies in this sector may look to acquire assets and capabilities that can help them achieve success.

After a downturn in the tech industry in 2022 we expect to see a rebound in 2024, since artificial intelligence (AI) and its related applications, such as artificial intelligence that is generative, attract the attention of businesses, investors as well as the general public. The healthcare sector is also an important area for M&A as investors and companies compete to bring specialized medical technology to the market.